Client Resources

Ascending Counseling Solutions, LLC
Participant’s Rights

As a participant of ACS programs you have rights. These rights include the following:

1. The right to treatment and a treatment plan regardless of age, race, sex, origin, nationality,
or sexual orientation.

2. The right to be treated with dignity and respect.

3. The right to confidentiality including all information in your record except when state
law requires or allows disclosure.

4. The right to be protected from corporal punishment from ACS, LLC employees. You
have the right to never be abused by ACS, LLC employees.

5. The right to retain all your civil rights as guaranteed by law.

6. The right to make corrections whether verbally or in writing to your file when you believe
it to be necessary. You, your parent, or legal authorized representative should
contact the Program Coordinator if you believe a correction is warranted.

7. The right to be called only by your preferred or legal name.

8. The right to contact and consult with your attorney, your private doctor, or others of
your choice at your expense. The right extends to judges, legislators, clergy, licensed
healthcare practitioners, and employees of protection and advocacy agency.

9. The right to request a copy of the regulations regarding participant rights and information
regarding the protection agency that promulgates these regulations upon request.
To receive a copy, ask any ACS, LLC employee.

10. The right to receive a copy of your rights as a participant, annually, and to have these
rights explained to you in a manner that you can understand.

11. The right to information about any ACS, LLC program or services in a format that can
be understood by the participant.